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If you are a sissy like, it is not unlikely that you prefer sissy training videos that include adult — very adult — content. However I have found a few sissy training videos on YouTube that I feel are very good in their own right. This is one of those videos. It makes use of a flashing set of images as is quite common for ths genre of video. However they have a bit slower pace so you can actually match their pace. There is also a voice over that is a soft pleasant voice that reminds you of all the reasons you are a girl and what you can and will do as a a girl. In other words I find this to be a very watchable and sissy-affirmiing video.

There are five basic topics to this video:

  • You are a girl.
  • Your mother wants you to be a girl
  • You must learn to obey and be submissive.
  • You will learn to love dressing up as a girl and being sexy.
  • When you find a man and get married, you will always do whatever he asks even if he ask you to call him Daddy.


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