June 9, 2015 is my 55th birthday. It is also the day I will begin my life as a sissy whore. On that day I will begin my Ultimate Crossdressing Experience, a year-long exploration of my femininity and sexuality. Over the course of the next twelve months, my daily goal will be that of getting laid. Hopefully more often than not I will do so for money, however getting dick up my ass will always come first -- getting paid for giving it up second.

    Whether I get paid or not, I will always be a whore as I intent to make video of myself getting fucked and sharing those video on line towards the goal of earning money through this sharing.

    I began hormones on December 31, 2014 so over the course of this year long adventure, my body will becoming more feminine. However, I feel that being a woman is more about knowing the power of cock than it is about developing breasts. I will be looking for men who know i am a sissy slut eager for this cum and their cock. At the end of my year long Ultimate Crossdressing Experience I will be a woman and it will be more about taking dick every day over the last year than about my feminized body.

    20 keys to your ultimate crossdressing experience from Veronica Glenne Broyles For more information about my Ultimate Crossdressing Experience and The Ultimate Crossdressing Project visit About The Ultimate Crossdressing Project To show your support for the Ultimate Crossdressing Project, a small donation can be made at GoFundMe.com